HP Printers For Cheap Commercial Printing

While using websites to promote their businesses, many small and large scale companies also depend on the print media to promote their goods and services. Brochures and booklets have long been used as a type of advertising. Businesses circulate them in fairs and exhibitions to make others aware about their offerings. Until a couple of years ago, offset printing was the only way used for wide format printing. However, the rules of the game have changed with the arrival of digital printers such as the hp large format printer. These printers are useful when somebody needs a limited number of brochures and booklets printed as they are quite cost effective and can output the print order in an hour or so.

Extra information about hp large format printer

Typically printing companies make several copies of the brochure using software such as Photoshop and arrange them in a single and wide page. This allows them to print multiple copies of the brochure on the same page. Once the printing is complete, the print company uses a guillotine to cut the printed copies into separate pages and hands them over to the client. The best part of using digital printers is that it is not messy and one does not need to prepare special aluminium plates as is required by offset machines. The wide page printer offered by Hewlett Packard uses the CYMK (cyan, yellow, magenta, and black) ink stored in the machine for the printing job. The best part is the low cost of the printer. It is so cost effective that medium and large scale business can purchase them and use it for printing their booklets and brochures.

Booklet printing is slightly different

The process of printing booklets is slightly different from brochure printing. In this process, the person responsible for creating the dummy of the booklet uses software such as Quark Express to format and number the different pages of the booklet. Once the printing job is over, the printer arranges the pages in the correct order and binds them together using different processes. The HP large format printer is designed specifically for low volume users. 

HP printers are suitable for everyone

The wide range of wide format printers offered by Hewlett Packard offer easy-to-use solution for schools, small offices, consulting firms, engineers, and architects, who need to copy, scan, archive , share and print posters, drawings, maps, and renderings. These printers combine core scanning and printing technologies with a wide range of software solutions and features. This versatile multi-functional range of printers increases productivity by allowing parallel processing of scanning and printing. One can either use a pre-designed document, scan the same, and print it on a multi-functional printer. Alternatively, the layout artist can design the brochure on the computer using special software and then use the print command to get copies of the brochure printed on a HP printer connected via cable to the computer on which the brochure is designed. The large buffer of the printer allows one to connect several computers to the same printer, allowing different documents to be designed and printed simultaneously.